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Friday, September 12, 2003

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

WOW! two nights in a row, harraased by SGPD!


tonight we were at a partayy, as opposed to a party where people drink etc, listening to music and sitting on the porch, and apparently we were being too loud, even though no complaint was filed. What the crap. It was like 11:00 pm, and no one was even home at hte other apartments.

its not harrasment, because we're all in our 20s, minus me, and so the cops can do whatever they want. I'm more scared of cops than a gang. They are a gang. Its like bloods, crips, and nitpicking cops.


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Saturday, September 06, 2003

You know who the real terrorists are? cops. I'm not talking about the ones who actually prevent crime that would hurt me, i'm talking about the nitpick cops. Seriously, i'm more scared of them then i'd ever be scared of bin-laden. I mean honestly, the WTC/Pentagon disasters were just that, disasters, but they didn't really effect (a?) me in any real personal way. I don't know anyone who died, but i feel bad for them. NC, or nitpicking cops, as i'll call them, on the other hand scare the crap out of me. My sister and I were driving home from a college stomp, and this cop pulls us over, on an EMPTY street. DOUCHE BAG!! he cited us for not stopping, and then warned my sis for driving in the turn lane for too long, because apparently there would be a rush on the turn lane at 12:30 in the morning in rural utah.

THE main problem i see is the whole letter of the law spirit of the law thing. Did we really break any laws? technically yes, but does anything change by us stopping completley on an empty street? i guess my sisters driving record.

St. george cops are just for harassment, and i know other cities are bad, but he said "i need to talk to you out of the car" (aka, i need to know if you're drunk.) then while they're out, he asks "WHOS THAT GUY!" like i'm some drug dealer. WHATEVER. i freaking heard him say it too. WHATEVER. i'm her freaking brother, so lay off, and go fight some crime.

St. George's "finest?" finest my ass, these petty NCs just need to go fight the real crime. I"m sure that somewhere at 12:30, there are drug deals going down, raves happening, and of course binge underage drinking. Go fix those ills of society and leave us law abiding citizens alone.

on a seperate note, screw my internet. it sucks, but it strengthen's my faith. Just barley, literally while i was writing this entry, i got kicked offline OF MY CABLE MODEM. it does this all the time. I went upstairs, unplugged it, plugged it back in, and prayed. Sometimes it doesnt come back, but this time as soon as i opened my eyes it worked! I know a lot of people pass it off as coincedince, and thats fine, but you know these little faith building experiences help me.


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Monday, August 18, 2003

so i got my mission call:

Tampa Florida!

yeah, its awesome.

and i dont have much to say.

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Today was fun. I went to church at some random family ward. It was really cool because i read my scriptures through the first half of the meeting, then the speakers were really good. It was a great spiritual day. Some lady asked me if i was a missionary, and i really was excited because usually people don't think i'm mormon. So yeah, self esteem boost.

i'm up in northern utah right now, and its pretty rad. I'm such a bum. I just was like "i dont have a job now, so what should i do, I KNOW GO TO NORTHERN UTAH!"

so yeah. i'm lame.

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Friday, August 01, 2003

So as my friend Kim and i were talking, we decided that the middle finger shouldn't be a bad gesture. We've decided that from now on, the only bad use of the middle finger will be in a car. We've started a campaign to unblur the middle finger from cable and network programming. Friday, August 22nd, will be "flipoff friday" where instead of high fives, they will be replaced with middle fingers in approval.

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for some reason, i'm listening to tweet, oops oh my. I think it was on one of those now thats what i call music cds, and somehow i ripped it, or someone else did in a burning frenzy. ANYWAYS, more and more nervous every 30 seconds about my mission. Its kind of weird that i'm leaving, and not going to be here for two years.

I left KCSG today, which is the local TV station. I originally came wanting to do news, which i never got to do, instead i did a bunch of stuff related to production, which i am pretty OK at. The whole experience was mediocre, and i wish that i could have done more news, but you know what? you get what you can take. Maybe when i get hotter, and i get more better at being writer (its intentional, laugh) i are able to sucessfully newscast. (maybe when i mature more, i might have a better shot at doing the news.) NO MATTER HOW old i feel, i'm still 19, and that is really frustrating.

Age has always been a limitation on my "flow." When i was 13, it was really frustrating not being able to get a job and earn money, and then when i was 15, i was pretty bored of high school, but fortunetly enough i found early college. I kept my age a closely guarded secret, because its frustrating when people say "oh you're just 15, you don't know anything" or even worse "OH YOURE IN HIGH SCHOOL?! That is so great, that means you probably could hang out with my younger brother." even now i still get similar scenarios, but now they're even more annoying. "Oh you're 19? did you go to school last year? how was freshman year? did you meet a lot of cute girls? you're ahead arent you, you've only got 3 more years left till graduation!" to which i say "well, in that case, i'm 24... just like most of my friends at college."

Thats kind of weird too. Most of my friends at WSU, excluding my immiidete (SP?) "family" (you know who you are) most of my friends were 24-29. Isn't that weird? I'm 19, so they make fun of me for that when they find out, and i make fun of them for being 29 and still in school, but its all in jest. I really miss all my friends, and i dont know what i'm going to do for 2 years when i have to deal with 19 year old kids my age. I have like 2 good friends that are my age, my friend Rivers Pentico, and Lyle Steed. Lyle is a year older, and i think Rivers is probably older than me (my b-day is in july afterall.) but they're my only friends my age. Weird huh.

By the way if i hear another person tell me how great it is to be 20, and how it was the best years of their life, i'm probably going to punch them in the throat, and say "Wow that was mature of me." It is great to be 20, next year, and i'll enjoy it more once i'm into my career, doing what i want to do.

i've really got to stop punching people in the throat.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I guess that i should probably tell you about myself. I'm a senior at weber state university. actually, i'm 1 credit short of being a senior i just realized, so yeah, i'm a really late junior. I'm majoring in communication, with an emphasis in electronic media/journalism. Thats right, i want to be one of those people on local news.
I do have a few goals for myself, one of which would be ending up on cable within 10 years. I would really like to be an anchor/reporter for tech TV or possibly CNN/FOX and the like. I just found out that a starting entry level job at CNN pays as well as an entry level job for TV news anywhere else, so i might start my career as a "photojournalist" (also known as someone who shoots a lot of footage and might get to write a little bit.) Any job out of college would be nice though.
For some reason i think i'm going to "make it" as opposed to the estimated 12:1 ratio of graduates to jobs in the news industry. I think its part of my hardworking nature which, thanks to my dad, will never go away. Its hard though, because some people could just look at your tape, and throw you away without even talking to you.
A mission will help me even in my career. Right now i like to talk to people, and a mission will give me the chance to lose all fear of talking to random strangers.
Its a really cool experience, preparing for a mission. My whole life, practically, i've believed in this little mormon thing, and now that i'm really learning more and more about it, i like it more and more.

There is Randall's background information. In case you cared.

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Hey, my name is Randall Bennett, i'm 19, i'm Mormon, and i'm going to be one of those people that knocks on your door in about 3-5 months. I'm waiting for my "call" (where i'll be going.) This weblog is going to be everything i feel and do over the next two ish years. I'm going to keep a journal, and then when i have the opportunity, i'll put my comments on here.

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