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Friday, September 26, 2003

ehh, i feel kind of crappy today. I shot the Snow Canyon V Pine View game, and the right team won, namely pine view. after the game, i went up to stan (exec producer/president of the channel) and tried to talk to him about my news show, and he was like "we need to talk" and to me that means "your show isn't getting on" and thats ok i guess. It just put me in a c-rap mood.

So my parents are in colorodo, and i didnt go. I feel kind of bad because i didn't get to see my sis's family, but since she's coming for my farewell, i figure i dont have to drive for 14 hours to see her, so i'm pumped to see her. I miss her a lot, and i hope she is excited to see me.

the radio club won our dixie song contest. We were supposed to sing the school song creatively, and we did, so it was cool. I did a teck-no! remix of the school song, so that was cool.

anyways, i feel blah, so i'm out.


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