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Friday, May 20, 2005

Stop Looking for JOBS!

Holy cow, I have to chill. I really have this huge itch to report, but I'm in graphics and need to stay here. I'm going to get some friggin great experience in this department, not to mention editing, and it'll look way better on my resume. PLUS, if I make a resume tape, and create a story that is meaningful, it'll be a great advancement for my tape. I've got to sincerly become friends with reporters, and then they'll help me out.

Side note, I did some graphics for a story about soda yesterday, and Ed Yates was the reporter. I made them great, and he really appreciated it. I think he was genuinely happy about it. It made me happy. Jed Boal introduced himself, all the reporters seem to be more friendly with me every day. This is going to be a good experience.


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