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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm not invincible.

By the way, i'm not invincible.

I really thought I was for a long time, but today I realized i'm not.

This working at 3:30 am really killed me, and my credibility.

So I started working on that podcast yesterday at 11pm. I screwed up majorly on a lot of things, thanks to the fact (in part, not in full) that I had 3 hours. I did a lot of idiotic things, didn't double/triple check things, and now I look like an ass.

I just hope I didn't screw myself permanently. I really am a hard worker right? Or maybe i'm just an idiot.

I went home to try to fix it, and couldnt, and then i tried to sleep, and couldn't do that either.

It was a terrible day.


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