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Monday, September 29, 2003

so we're within a month now, and i feel very underprepared for the mish. I'm really worried in fact, i feel like i have no clue what i'm in for, which is true. It would be awesome if i would have gone to my mission prep classes like i was going to, but i went to one in the beginning of the summer, and i feel like that helped me somewhat. We'll see what happens when i hit up the MTC.

Its weird, because this whole thing lasts two years, and i have perspective now enough to realize that two years ago i was a senior in high school, which seems like a long time/not a long time.

I HATE THE "MASS TRANSIT" SYSTEM OF ST GEORGE! i missed the bus by less than a minute (i saw it pulling away as i was skating to it) and now i have to wait an entire hour for it to come again. Holy frustration. Good thing i dont have "ISH" to do, or else i'd be one pissed mofo.... biatch.

I wonder if anyone reads this, or if i'm just writing to no one. Either way, it sure is theraputic.


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