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Monday, December 01, 2003

hey yall, what up?

i'm back, for another week, and this week is chock full of stuff.

i've got some photos, so yeah thats exciting, i'll be emailing those pretty quickly. I'm going to try to figure out if i can host images on this site, but if not, then that will be not good. they're pretty small, the whole folder of 26 pictures is only 6 mb, so i can e-mail a few out to everyone.

This week's major developments:
tracted a lot, and committed one guy to baptism. Its on the 13th, so thats exciting. Also, my 3-some is turning back into a regular companionship. Apparently one of the elders that came out with me has hardcore knee problems, so he has to go home. Its kind of a bummer but ehh, i bet he'll be back. Elder Barney is going to take his place in Valrico, so he's out of the ghetto and to the rich neighborhoods.

I had a great thanksgiving at some member's house, they made us some really good food, so i was psyched. We also ate at this recent convert's house, and she made some awesome southern cooking.

Nothing else too major to mention, so i'll close by saying:

yo, the church is trizzue.



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