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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

2003 Channel One News: A Disruption of the Educational Environment

ok.... i was going to work for channel one last year, and i saw this website. PEOPLE HATE CHANNEL ONE! what the crap? its an OK news program, mingled with a bunch of commercials. Its a win-win to me, even with the commercialization of schools. I just dont get the big problem. It made me want to buy some more products, yes, so i don't really care, i learned a lot from it. I also thought it was funny that they would put tv's in the classroom, and take them away if you didn't watch channel one. What does channel one care if you're watching or not? the advertisers are oblivious to that fact, so you still get the money from counting my high school. Anyways, i just thought that was funny.


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