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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

my friend doesn't know her left from her right, so i'm going to help.
<------------ Left Right ------------------->
ok i'm going to do my best to recap what today is like. I'm leaving in a week (adjusted my countdown to make more sense) so i'm going to try and do the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. Here we go:

oh yeah, last movie that came out was Scary Movie 3

[google's information]

Week Ending
October 20, 2003

Top 10 Gaining Queries
Week Ending Oct. 20, 2003

1. texas chainsaw massacre

2. steve bartman

3. aero lloyd

4. max payne 2

5. yankees

6. david blaine

7. california lottery

8. halloween costume ideas

9. pumpkin carving

10. bosses day

Top 10 Declining Queries
Week Ending Oct. 20, 2003

1. california recall

2. rugby world cup

3. arnold schwarzenegger

4. riazor blues

5. shirin ebadi

6. derren brown

7. loft story

8. dido

9. jan stephenson

10. ghettopoly

September 03's zeitgeist
October 03's zeitgeist

[note that those links will be broken untill archived, and right now only september's is up, so i'm assuming the links will work in the future.]

My current homepages:
http://www.[something].com/[something] (a blog that i don't want to reveal, but will make sense to some people.)

current web browser:
http://www.mozilla.org/firebird [version 0.7]

current favorite game:
xiii (thirteen for PC)

last movies to come out that i want to see but cant:
kill bill
the matrix: revolutions
maybe the texas chainsaw massacre, but a lot less than kill bill and TMR
and LOTR: ROTK [lord of the rings: return of the king]

Albums that just came out or are coming out that i want to listen to:
Ludacris - Chicken and Beer
The Strokes - room on fire
thursday - signals in the air?? (i think thats the name)

billboard stats:
#1 -- Ludacris, Chicken*N*Beer
#2 -- OutKast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
but since i don't listen to any other albums in the top 10, i'll just pretend they don't exist.
bad boy's Da Band is a notable addition, but nothing to spectacular

ahh living in st. george really makes you out of the modern rock loop, since there isn't a real good radio station to play any of that, not that i'm in the loop without a car in northern utah, but yeah you get the idea.

the last song i downloaded: Planet rock by paul oakenfold/afrikaa bambaataa.
other notable downloads:
the white stripes - the hardest button to button
b spears - some song... about music, featuring madonna
iTunes for Windows

Speaking of iTunes... i'm looking forward to getting the highest end mac that is out right now, in 2 years for half or less the price. Not to mention an iPod, a gamecube, maybe an xbox, just not ever a ps2.

i wanted to figure out how to upload a picture, so if you want to see it, click on rate it.

OH YEAH!!! if you want to be cool, and read another sweet blog, that is about music/movies/games/ other media that i'm missing while on my mission, then go to http://dextr0us.blogspot.com/ and i'll figure out some way to get you on the list. HURRY because i'm going to leave it up to my friends to figure out who can post and the sort.



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