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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Stats, Rendering, and Much More

Wow. I've got a couple of stats for you all.

i'm almost up to 7 dollars on adsense. I'm averaging $.12 a day, so thats a fair amount of money i'm making. I could afford one of those "for only pennies a day" ads now. When i hit $100, i get the check. I'll let you know when this imaginary day happens.

Hits have exploded. Pageviews are up like crazy, since monday. I think thats when they approved my blog at blogexplosion, and since then my friggin hits have gone craaaazy... which has led to increased revenue! GO TEAM! Now i'm a corporate blogging whore.

Hey, if you're into sarcasm, and the sort (and you can UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE IT) go check out maddox. His friggin website is more popular than most corporate websites, and he doesn't have any ads on it. I think if that fool would put up some adwords, he'd make a friggin boatload. People are constantly checking it, just to see if he's posted an article in the last couple of months. He hasn't for a while, so yeah. (he goes to the U of Utah, which is funny... but yeah.)

WARNINGS: NSFW. Its blocked by websense anyway... so thats funny. Also, its the brand of comedy that makes people cringe. South park style sarcasm. He talks about how much he hated christopher reeve, (the article was written a long time ago) how much he hates movies, and much more hatred for all things pop culture. Lots of cursing and inappropriate language (while seemingly approprate for his audience, including myself.)

Maddox's Site (the best page in the universe)


Google sucks because:
i get no refferals from them.
I get 95% of refferals from yahoo/msn.

Google rules because:
I get money from adsense.

This increase in traffic has got me scared, since now i kind of have to write more often, and stay more topical.

My blog won't ever be:
a political blog... (i'm a registered independant btw, but mostly because i hate both parties equally)
a whine-fest

My blog will be:
the best one you've ever read.
post occasional photoshop/illustrator/after effects fun
give you an insight on the news industry. From graduation, to the top (of where i can go... that is.)
Complteley random topically.

I've still got some more g-mail invites (most old skool blogger users should have about 50,000) so let me know if you want one.

Thanks for the memories,



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