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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Great life, but feel like crap.

So my life is going great. I might have picked up another job at my beloved TV station, and that versatility looks good on paper (and hopfully in practice too.)

I found out that...

I'm allergic to chocolate.

Its still unconfirmed at this point, but sources tell Randall that it is compltely possible, and according to representatives for Mr. Bennett, he did eat chocolate last week, and did feel really crappy afterward.

Seriously, it really sucks. I hope that its not the case, but each day it seems like it is.

Something else that sucks? Drama at work. Our morning show guy hates me, and consequently I dislike him. He woke me up at 4 AM yesterday to tell me how much I suck. (granted you're getting my side of the story.)

I screwed up the other day(s) because I didn't number a rundown. Apparently this is a must-do. I thought it was for myself, and so by cutting a whole 5 seconds out of my daily routine I was saving time. So I made a rookie mistake. Its 100% my fault, I take full responsiblity for any problems it might have caused. But, I doubt that warrents getting called at 4am and getting hated on, and talked down to.

Ehh, i'll survive, but I get so worried about things like this. My downfall in life will be sweating the small stuff. I'm doomed to die from dehydration.
Anywho, I'm trying to improve, and I'm sure it will be all good soon enough.

I'm at my nephews house (the other family, my sister that died's family). They rule. They have a hole in the wall. People started drawing around it, and now the whole wall is covered in random graffitti. Its awesome.

I'm leaving. Peace out.



Blogger testmonkey said...

So, yeah, what's the other job you (may have) picked up? The suspense is killing me!

11:24 PM


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