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Friday, May 27, 2005

End of another great day

I feel like writing right now, mainly because I enjoy it. Today was yet another great day. I missed the train, and that was annoying. I walked up, just as it was leaving. It sucked. But, I got to work 15 minutes late, and no one cared... just myself.

I've been working on this new wipe effect for the news, and its turning out FREAKING GREAT. I'll post pictures when I feel like its better.

Speaking of work, I applied for another job at my place of employment. Thats right, I am fairly crazy, but I feel like i'm really mobile and I'll get more hours etc etc. I'm kind of doing a lot, but getting paid for it too. I love news, and an environment where I prove myself, gain more trust, and progress, is perfect for me. The GX Department likes me (i hope), editing might or might not, but the reporters love me!

Today Jed Boal stopped me while I was eating lunch to tell me that he loved my graphic I did for his package! I thought it was to clouded and annoying, but a producer, an editor, and the reporter said it was great! So thats good. Today I edited a peice about premature babies, and the things they're doing at the U. Shelley Osterlow is the reporter for those, and she said that I did a great job and gave me props. IT MADE ME FEEL GREAT!!!!!

I guess I'm going to make it in this crazy business. All those times of worrying about getting a job seem to have paid off. This is the most perfect place for me. My bosses are great, and are SO EXPERIENCED and do such great jobs. Holy crap. Its almost like getting paid for learning and having fun. Actually that is what it is. When I go home, all I want to do is make cooler graphics and make things better. I'm so addicted to news!


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