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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy b-day to me!

So.... it was the best b-day i've had in a good 5ish years. I turned 21, (no drinking for good ol' mormon randall!) and I had a sweet party. It was a ninja party. We had a good assortment of folks, and my friends were there, so that was awesome. My family (of the layton variety) got me an iTunes music store card, a cool shirt, and a fun day,so that was cool. My sister (of the SLC variety) got me two cool shirts, and some oreos. Overall it was a bam birthday.


(PS, if you're still looking to buy me presents ;), I need a cd-rb10 connector for a pioneer cd player, and I'm really looking for a dock connector -> Car DC adapter/line out. Either that or just a dock connector->pwr, or dock-> RCA/minijack (1/8"))

PPS-- DONT BUY ME PRESENTS, thats a nerd shoutout for people to start looking for my dock connector->dc/lineout adapter


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