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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


SOrry for the lack of updates latley... i've been busy.


iPod: Dead.

School: Starts next wednesday

Life: Great

Depression: Manageable


Sooo.... the hd is dead. You got a 30gb hd lying around? I want it.

School sucks... it starts next week, and its costing me a ton-o-cash. Like 500 ish or so.

Life is great thanks to my job. Today, I wrote an entire two hours of news for the morning show. Not the most compelling pros of my life, but not the worst either. I turned down a full time job, because this job rules hardcore.

Depression rears its ugly head, but i figured it out i figgre (british for figure). I think its related to food... or the lack-therof. I think it might be almost a diabetic thing, but just not as extreme. It seems like when I eat anything, anything at all, my life seems to work better.

Thats todays update... let me know if you want more... cause there is more.


Blogger testmonkey said...

What was the full time gig you passed up?

9:26 PM


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