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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

This week we had mission conference on monday, it was for christmas. We tried to watch joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, but that was one of the stupidest shows ive ever seen. Anyways, p-day got moved to tuesday, so this slow update.

PS I apologize for not writing. I'm going to today, its my goal for the day. I'm going to write all today, and then tomarrow night as much as i can. Thanks.

This was an e-mail i sent my mom, and i'm literally copying it and pasting it.

Our water in auburndale is ok, its really chlorinated though. It tastes like swimming pool and its kind of annoying. I'm getting used to it, but when i get out of the shower sometimes i smell like i just went swimming and thats just straight up annoying.

Our main mode of transportation is car, we're in a full car area so i don't have to use that bike i just bought. Our apartment is really nice, its nice if not nicer than my WSU apartment, so its pretty rad to live there. Two sundays ago i spoke in church, and gave a talk on service. It went fairly well, because i didn't have any mission experience to relay, it went as well as expected.

Tell everyone i'm really sorry about not writing them. This transfer (the 6 week periods are called transfers) its really super busy. We have something coming up every week, so usually my letter writing gets delayed. I'm going to write everyone today, if i can think of enough creative things to say. Tell rick that i miss him a lot, and SueAnn especially.

So last week was really eventful, i'm going to maybe scare you here, but don't be afraid i have the spirit and thats all i need. I'm kind of in the ghetto. There is this place in winterhaven (part of my area) and its called inwood. Inwood is a straight up crazy place. its like .5 ghetto and .5 redneck. Its way weird and interesting how these people can co exist together. They're really funny and annoying all at the same time. I prefer tracting in the ghetto/redneckville though, because the people are pretty loving and decent. Well, except for thursday. I was going up to this guy to talk to him and he yells out "no" and i try to explain we're not jehova's witnesses or selling anything and he just freaks out and pulls out a gun. I was like.... whoa.... ok.... anyways..... walk down the street. So yeah, add that one to my mission portfolio.

We also have this great lady in our ward, her name is sister perry. She's this great black lady who converted from the church of christ to CJCLDS and so she has a really strong testimony. She buys all the auburndale missionaries ties from this gangsta/pimp store called lookin good. We went and picked out a tie, and then a guy at the tie store gave us an extra one for free because we always buy there! it was awesome.

well, i think thats about it for now. I think this was a good session so i'm going to copy and paste it to the blog. Thanks so much. Peace.



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