20... getting over life.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


So i'm out of st. george, florida is getting pounded, and i don't know what the freak my life has in store. Its a crazy time for ol' elder bennett... now randall... i don't know exactly whats going on in my life, and it feels really blurry.

I'm driving, a long distance tomarrow, and i'll post again when i get internet, which is hopfully tomarrow. (i've got an e-bay auction that ends, so i hope it works!) I'll post more later.

Coming up on the blog...

KCSG, farewell... for now.
Weber State VS SUU, we're going to get killed!
I miss someone in ireland.
I'm confused about ms. ireland.

All this and more, when i feel like updating again!


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