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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Awesome/Terrible Weekend.

This weekend was pretty sweet. Lots went down, but it also sucked really bad.

My sis and I were originally planning on going to the Howl at USU, but it costs like 18 bucks and is 2 hours north, so we x'd that idea. We went to the UofU (in slc) institute of religion dance. It was pretty lame, as a dance, but fun with the other activities... like volleyball, and they had 'the game' on a big projector.

After hitting up that, we went to dennys. a few cool occurences....

#1-- this dude invited us to go sit down and eat with them, they were just at the same dance we were.
#2-- these girls that were pretty hot tried to get my attention. I kind of played it off, but yeah.
#3-- my sister asked the girls if they thought i was hot... and they thought i was. Bonus.
#4-- the dude from #1 paid for our food. Unexpectedly awesome. We left a fatty tip for the waitier. He looked like he needed it.

So yeah, pretty cool on the whole. I hung out with my sis since friday, and it was a really awesome friggin weekend.

Tonight, i have to write a lit review for our research project in communication. I'm not so excited about that, but oh well.

Elections are tuesday... vote for... whoever does the best. I'm registered independent. I'm voting for nader, because i live in utah. If i lived elsewhere, i'd probably vote for bush. Bush has argubly more strength of charecter and realness, although his life is arguebly more silver spooned than kerry. That is kerry pre-theresa hienz.

Anywho, peace out.


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