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Thursday, January 20, 2005


So a couple of things

#1-- Its almost 10 am and i'm still not getting ready.
Since I dropped all my classes yesterday, I don't have to get ready for my 10am bore-fest.
#2-- Thats ok!
Also, all my classes are online, which should be pretty interesting to say the least.
#3-- i hate holding on hold for hold holders.
I had to call WSU's computing support like 6 times, leave a message, and call again. They only have 1 technician i think, and thats annoying for those of us who have screwed up techincal issues. I think it was my friend gale, who gave me my first story 2 years ago. She's in charge of campus databases, and when the SQL slammer hit, she was going crazy.
#4-- My online classes are screwed up
Since #1 happened, none of my online classes have shown up on my class list for online classes. Class.
#5-- I hope that i don't get ephed.
I'm really hoping that they fix it. They said if i check within a half an hour, that i would be good, but you know, if it doesnt change, uhoh.


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