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Saturday, January 08, 2005

charles is gone

My roomate charles, whom i'm pretty close with, left today. He moved.

We had the biggest TV ever.

Its gone.

Oh well, i'm sure we'll be able to round up another good big tv. Until then, i'm going to move my tv out to the living room. Its a sad day when we replace our 60+" tv with a 30>.

Oh well. I'm going to miss charles, we were really close at the beginning of the year, and it kind of sucked because he has depression, so he started to just kind of hang out with himself, but we still did some fun stuff.

I got my scholarship check today! W00t!! 563 bucks towards tires, and getting out of debt! Its all school related...

go me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, the question is...what will you miss more? Your roommate? Or your really big television?

Me, personally, would most defintitely miss the television. Roommates are replaceable. Really, really big TVs require something that I often just don't have: moola.


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