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Sunday, December 12, 2004

How companies get friends to spam friends.

So recently, I was worrying about money (as usual) when I came across a novel idea.

Columbia house.

I'm broke, and i need to buy christmas presents. Everyone appreciates a good DVD, so i'll join columbia house.

I came across one of those free ipod sites, and it said you only needed to complete one offer. GREAT!!! Columbia house was an offer.

I completed it, but then found out you have to refer 5 of your friends and they have to complete offers as well.

SO.... if you need to get one of the following things, please get it through this link so that i'll get an iPod.


Blockbuster Online(like netflix from blockbuster)
Citi® Platinum Select® Card for College Students
BMG Music Service(music service)
Columbia House DVD(the one I did.)
Video Professor(computer lessons)
GM Card(credit card)
Trimlife Trio(weight loss)
eFax Plus(Fax service)
Dream Shape(weight loss)
The Wall Street Journal
MyInks(ink refils)
Audible.com(audio books)
Nexiderm(anti wrinkle cream)
Citi Platinum Select Card
PeoplePC(ISP for 6 bucks a month)

I got 5 dvds for 13 bucks or something. I was planning on giving my brother the LOTR trilogy. I figured that he hates it though. I'm either going to send the package back unopened, or i'm going to take the DVDs back to wal-mart and buy his christmas present with the money. PS if you're brother, or relative of brother, let me know what he (you) would like for christmas.

I cant sleep. I've been in bad moods lately. Finals are almost over. I'm going to bed.


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