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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


HOLY CRAP. Today is an interesting day in a few ways, we'll do the normal 'breakdown' style for this post.

1-- Hospitals and People who frequent them.

So today i got two menacing phonecalls, one right after the other. My really really good friend charles is in the hospital, because of a cyst on his brain or something. They're doing all sorts of tests and what not. That sucked.

My ex-girlfriend is in bad physical condition, and while she was 'high on drugs' she wanted me to come console her. Not so bad. It was entertaining to hear her say things like "you know my friend randall? He used to live in florida."

"i'm randall"

"yeah, but you're nice. Other randall was mean to me."

"Rub a foot!"

so i rubbed her feet, and tried to comfort her as best as i could. She won't remember a thing, but i hope she knows i tried to take care of her.

Anywho, on to item number two--

I can make mother freaking bank off of google adsense.

Today.... i came home to check my adsesnse account like 5 minutes ago...

i made $58.93 today.

off of 3 clicks.

That puts my CPM at $1,900 on the day.

This site you're reading is expensive for advertisers.

Suddenly my $100 seems really close. (every $100 i get a check from google) I'm at $77. I might even get it by the end of the year!

Oh yeah, and my brother hooked me up with a job at ESPN Regional TV, so whenever espn is around northern utah, i've got a job hookup! BAM! I made $75 for the past couple of games, but this week's byu v utah game nets me a cool $125. I'm a 'runner' and i don't know what i'm doing, but it should rule.


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