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Monday, December 06, 2004


To my single serving friends from blog explosion:

welcome, thanks for staying the obligitory 30 seconds. Click my banner if you want to give me cash. Enjoy the show.

Yeah, so i'm pretty sucky at updating my blog recently, mainly because my life has become pretty sucky.

I might be dying..... ok, that was just a shock value attempt at getting your attention.

Actually, i'm finishing up 2 senior level projects that are sooooo friggin crappy. I did a study on what college students think of TV news. If you're in college, and reading this blog, feel free to sound off in the comments section.

2nd-- advertising campaign, the aformentioned channel 17. Its almost done. Finally.

So i was surfing on blog explosion today, and i noticed that a great way to generate comments is put your webstats log on your site, claim that firefox is in some way inferior to IE, and let the comments insue. Instead, i'm going to refute these claims.

Someone said that because firefox has 15% of the marketshare, its inferior. Its been released for a month. Thats like saying IE2.0 had 14% marketshare on netscape when it was released... and I happened to like IE2 better than netscape. I still hate netscape, but love firefox. Holy Bloatware!

Incase you care, 30% of my traffic is Firefox, with 50% IE. So... 30% of my traffic is me. I kid.

Anywho, if you're using IE, let me know, but if you're using firefox, or any other browser, let me know that too. I'm interested in finding out.

I should go to bed now.

Buy me this. NOW.

If i would have known treos were so cheap, i would have bought one instead of fixing my aformentioned palm screen. I really want to buy it, but you know, i should probably hold off due to christmas, etc. I don't have any money to begin with, and buying christmas presents will be a treat.


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