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Sunday, January 02, 2005

fairly well designed

As i was surfing on blog explosion today, i noticed something.

Blogs rarely have poor design.

Maybe its the 'cookie cutter' nature of blogs, or the ease of blogging with blogger, but in either case, its good for the internet.

Maybe bloggers don't design their own stuff because:
A) Rather Focus on Content
B) Don't want to waste time
C) Actually like the designs
d) all of the above?

I'm leaning towards B, but you know i could be wrong.

My friend nathan is experimenting with CSS, and has done a pretty bang up job with some stuff, here's his site.

One of my friends who I admire, and think his design work is great, is my friend J. J is an interesting charecter, because he's a good designer, as well as a great writer, shooter, and as far as I know, a good editor. J never updates his blog. Shame on J. I think he reads this, so UPDATE YOUR BLOG! GET PISSED OFF ABOUT SOMETHING!

I might have bought a blackberry, but also might not have. If I was going to, i'd buy the Blackberry 7230, that works with t-mobile. They run around $125. Do i have $125? No.... well... maybe. I've been breaking down my finances, and here's the nondescript version:

For starters, i'm in debt. (negative = ---)
When I get back I have a paycheck waiting. (++)
Unfortunatly, its a half paycheck. (-)
I also have an ESPN check waiting from the BYU v Utah game (+) and the Utes won the fiesta bowl (+ for good measure)
I have a tire bill coming up. Its $300 (--)
I've got a scholarship check coming! (+)
and other random espn/google checks coming! (+)

so weighing it out... i am even steven. Just like Jerry. I might start working towards aquiring a certain fruit flavored PDA.

Let me know if your PDA rocks, and could rock for under $125.


I just thought of a plus.... I won two bags full of crap at this TV ratings thing. I probably should have written about it, so here it is. I watched two shows, one that should have been on telemundo around 3 am, and the other ready for primetime. Mingled in with these ratings dynamos, was a whole lot of overt market research. There were 6 prizes to win. Basically, you fill out this book full of crap you like, then give it to someone, they put it in a big pile, and someone draws. I voluenteered to draw first, and i picked 3 names. The first two were great, but the last one even greater... MY OWN!! BAM! I won a bag of crap. Later on in the night, we did the same thing. Someone else picked. First two were on my row, the 3rd was me!!! BAM!!! another bag of crap!

When i get home we'll see if i actually got my bag fulla crap, or if they've delayed shipping it to me.

1 bag full of crap is cool, but two bags?! Unbelievable.

Game. Plusses. Can I interest you in some pancakes? I think i won some of those.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most regular old bloggers out there (ie: not designers) use some sort of default design or slight variation. I would guess that it's because E) They don't know CSS; and a combination of B) They don't feel like learning it. (or can't)
I like seeing good visual style as much as the next guy, but when you've seen 10 blogs with the same design, it's a bit tiring.

11:50 PM

Blogger testmonkey said...

Thanks for the mention, my friend. As the dude above me did, I'd like to add an f) don't have a clue about how to code up anything for the web.

Shame on me for not yet building my own template and integrating it closer to the business site that links to it (testmonkeydesigns.com --shameless plug). Maybe a future project?

And I have updates the ol' blog -twice. One of them I actually wrote!

10:59 AM


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