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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm a producer!

So yesterday, being the news nerd that I am, I decided to call the tv station i used to work at and see if they needed any help. Tamara (anchor/producer) said "want to come produce? Dave Markel usually does it, but he's gone."

I was like "Whoa. Sweet"

So i went and produced. I think i did more of an AP's job, but still it was fun to be invloved again.

I wrote a couple stories, they're on kcsg.com

One about BBB scams, another about pres. hinckley, and I ran the show!

Anywho, it turned out good, so i was glad. I'm going to go eat and shower, and the sort. I'll talk to YOU later!


Blogger www.BadAssReviews.com said...

DJ'ing in south Utah? Now that's pretty bad ass. I thought music wasn't allowed or something? ;)

Nice blog,
B.A.R. Editor

6:50 PM


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