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Saturday, January 01, 2005

missing some stuff.

I really really really really really really miss my palm zire 71. I need to get a new PDA like whoa, and its really annoying to rely on technology. I'm looking at the palm treo (any model, really) and the RIM Blackberry, as well as the t-mobile sidekick. Phone pda combos are looking really attractive for me right now. Anywho, if you know about a cheap pda, let me know.

Why do i love you..... but i still love technology..... always and forever.

I love napoleon dynamite.

Sorry i'm a bit random today, but yeah, its jan 1 2005!


Blogger David Monaghan said...

I need a pda too... I wan't to have a way to look at and store digital photos while I'm on the run, but right now for what I wan't the price is still out of range...

Happy New Year! :)

7:04 PM


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