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Friday, January 14, 2005

This post brought to you by the word RENDER, and MUX.

So its like 7pm MST and i'm still at work. I got here (late) at 3PM. I've been working on a dvd for a while, but its just about wrapped up.

So i figured out why my blog is going to be interesting again:

I'm going to start reporting again.

Wow... something relevant to talk about? Amaaazin' fruit!

Actually, i'll predicate it with this first post in the new era of the b-lizzog.

The power of the press is great, and so is being in school. Its really easy for me to talk to more important people now. The words "I'm with TV News" combined with "its a student broadcast" have people willing to talk! I was working on an interview with one of my favorite writers, maddox, but unfortunatly it fell through. My next interview? Project Honeypot .

Project Honeypot is yet another effort in the war on unsolicited e-mail. Their aim? To stop 'spyders' from crawling the internet, and harvesting anything that has an @ sign in it. They developed an application (well, more accuratly a script) that generates websites with e-mail addresses. These addresses re-direct to project honeypot, and any robot that vists these sites is marked as a potential spammer.

Does the effort work? I'll find out when I interview one of the founders, Ben Dahl. He's from SLC ironically enough.

My writing has improved immensely, since i re-figured out how to write broadcast style again. I think i'm starting to even dream in conversational broadcast style now.

My dvd finished, its pretty cool looking, and I did all the menus and everything. I'm burning two more test copies to make sure its ok.

First week of classes results:

Suck. I hate multimedia. I know they're going to read this blog, but I think they hate having me in class as much as I hate it. They probably think i'm a (insert favorite demeaning word here), and i'm just screwing off in their classes, which is partly true, but there really isn't anything they can do about it. I've used photoshop since i was in 10th grade, dreamweaver since version 1-2 (9th grade?) I started programming my own personal geocities site (when i was 12) so its not like i'm new at this. Its really frustrating because it feels like they're wasting my time, but i don't know how they could change it.

Anywho, yeah. I'm going to try and wrap up this project. Peace.


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