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Saturday, August 27, 2005


So... Monday is going to be a 24-hour day. Officially.

3:30-8:30 Graphics
8:30-12:30 Train on Avid
2:00-7:00 Editing
7:00-???? (probably 11pm or later) Edit Podcast

3:30 AM graphics again.
(repeat same schedule minus podcast)

so those two days are going to be hell. I've come up with a plan to combat it though...

I'm going to stay awake for as long as possible tonight (hopfully go to church, etc etc) then maybe go to the mertlichs... then at around 7-8 PM i'll go to sleep. That way, i'll have to wake up at 3:30 anyway.

The plan is in motion. We'll see how well executed it goes.

Its gotta work... mainly because it has to... and not so much because its a good idea.

Maybe, in fact, I'll take a nap right now and get my body used to the idea of going to sleep around 6-7 pm.


UPDATE: 8:30-- Totally made it, and fine. Should be maxing out at around 6:30 when I need to go to sleep. Plan is a-go, and we should be all gravy.


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