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Monday, December 22, 2003

DL IS SICK!!! he hates life. I hope that i never get sick on my mission. It's gotta suck pretty hardcore.

Oh yeah, the worst day of my mission so far: DOING NOTHING!!
we went on exchanges, and we didn't do anything, so i was frustrated

You know what's cool? i'm in a full car area, and i don't have to bike very much. They made me buy a bike, and i've ridden it once, but yeah, i'm glad to have it and i'm really thankful for my car. Dude, i think you want to go to a spring training game, and i'm still in auburndale/winterhaven (the two towns are pretty much the same), you might want to look in to going to a cleveland indians game. They do their springtraining right behind the apartments of some of the missionaries in my district. So yeah, if you ever feel the need to go to a spring training game in winterhaven florida, given i'm still here, you definetly should come down and do it.

Oh yeah, i still havent gotten a package my mom allegedly sent a week ago, so i figure that its probably in the mission office or something.

Maurice got confirmed yesterday, so w00t w00t to that.

Now i have time to break down my district:

elder crosby -- great baseball player, disobedient (watches tv, etc), might or might not be here for the right reasons, but who am i to judge.

elder mikesell -- great missionary. from morgan utah, and seems like it (not that thats a bad thing) really super competitive at sports. Obedient and cheerful.

elder washburn -- super cuh-razy strong. from mount plesant utah. pretty cool, and obedient. I dont know what else to say, he's really cool.

elder gilbert -- district leader (comps with crosby) and he's so super rad. I seriously want my sister to meet him, so he gets the major thumbs up. I don't think i've ever said that about anyone (introducing to my sister)

Elder Jones -- my companion. He's super rad, and obedient and feels the spirit, but isn't afraid to mess around. He understands the right amount of balance between work and play.

i dont know what to say, and i'm saying it all next thursday anyways, so yeah, talk to my parents, and i'll have my mom write what she wants.


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