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Monday, December 15, 2003

oh yeah, so listen to how awesome everyone is.

lets see, on wednesday, i wrote my brother rick and my sister sueann letters. I thought they would be mad because i haven't written them the entire time i've been in florida. The next day, thursday, i recieved a package and a letter from them both!! how cool is that?! its divine inspiration i promise. They just probably were very confused, because my letters didn't mention anything about anything in the letters.

On a side note, e-mail is easy, but i decided last week that i like letters better. its way cooler to get a billion letters in a week than a billion inbox hits a week. BUT its especailly cool to get both (hint hint). Family is cool because i can always just e-mail them back, but friends i'm supposed to write letters to. So if you leave an e-mail, i'll probably respond real quick and say "send your mailing address next time."

oh yeah on a side note, that is laugh out loud funny, all the elders want my sister. They think she's way good looking..... and its kind of like "AAHH I want to beat you up" but at the same time its cool. I keep telling them that they should write her.

thats it for now, i'm going to go write some epistles to my family and then when i'm done writing those, i'll probably post some insightful thing here.



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