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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I've been on my mission for 40 days. Jesus fasted for as long as i've been out.

by the way, i'm going to share this with you, because its really super amazing.


seriously, not even joking. I took for granted what happens when you're 8, and after you're baptized. The spirit was great, but i didn't really think about what it did/does for you. Its such an amazing thing that we have the opportunity to have. When i'm on a mission, its all i've got to teach people. Sure i'm pretty good at talking with people, sure i'm pretty ok at being logical, but you know what? to paraphrase chris farley, THAT DOESN'T AMOUNT TO JACK SQUAT, ON A MISSION. Seriously the gift of the holy ghost is such an amazing thing. Continue to live worthy of it, because sometimes i feel like i wouldn't neccessarily, and it wasn't there, and i didn't know how to recognize it. Pray a lot for the spirit, even when you go to school or something pray for the spirit. It teaches of truth, and helps you understand things. If you are in a class and don't get something, stop trying to understand it. Pray for the spirit, and pray that you'll be able to understand it. If its truth, or something you need to know, and you exercise faith, you will be blessed with knowledge. I swear on my life, its amazing. If you haven't read the book of mormon all the way through (or any volume of scripture or book for that matter), or don't understand it the way you want, pray for the spirit, and have faith. Oh man its just such an amazing gift that i took for granted before my mission. When i get back, i'm going to seriously be constantly praying, so don't look at me like i'm crazy. I did it before, but now i'm going to do it even more. Heavenly Father loves all of us, and he's just waiting for us to show that we love him back by excercising faith (an consequently good works) for him to bless us even greater.

anyways, thats my discourse, and it turned out better than i thought it would, and i didn't even intend for it to sound like that, and i hope you can understand it the right way. The main point is: THE CHURCH IS TRUE, and you can find out by the spirit. The holy ghost testifys of truth, and will help you in your life so much.


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