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Monday, February 16, 2004

Welcome to Cape Coral!

holy cow.... this is nuts!! its monday again, and i'm in south cape coral! This library that i'm at is super nice.

My brother rick pointed out that i've been spoiled, which is true. My new companion is Elder Cook from Ogden, Utah, and he's the bomb. Seriously we get along so well. It seems like i just keep getting more and more spoiled. I guess less spoiled and more blessed, since i realize its a blessing.

This week was marred by transfers and whitewashing* an area, so i'll try to describe the events the best that i can.

The first day in the area, wednesday, we taught a discussion with the first person we talked to. That was sweet to the extreme, so yeah. We also decided our "tracting area" and we taught a discussion too. So cape coral is a ton different than the "aub"

I miss the AUB though. There were a whole buncha cool folks there. Here in CCS (cape coral south, not central coast surf... funny story i'll tell you later.) the ward is really good, but there isn't any famliy that is super excited to see missionaries. No one like the Edmunsons (and their future family =), Danners, Miers, or Grahams... so yeah its kind of funny.

Whitewashing an area is when you are two new missionaries and both of the old missionaries left. Its really hard to do. I'm not a fan, and wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.

I also got a photo album online, and i'm fixin' to get it started real soon. I'm going to have to get my CD's of photos back from my sister so i can upload them.

I don't know what else to write, and i got a buncha e-mails, so i'll get to those. If i think of anything profound, i'll let you know.


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