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Monday, February 02, 2004

Barbeque in the AUB!

hey hey yall, its that time... monday!

it seems like the weeks are going by faster and faster. This week was starting to get better as far as going back to work. I think that the coming week (feb 2) will be the week that we get back to full strength.... and only a week before transfers too! I hope that i won't get transferred out of auburndale, i think i'd like to stay here at least one more transfer.

OH MAN.... i was bugged this week. We went to this christian book store, and they had all sorts of "witnessing apparel" and i thought i'd buy some for a souvenier. I found this sweet mesh hat that had a scripture (mark 16:13 or something) about missionary work. I bought it, and while i was about to buy it this lady at the cash register saw another missionary with a video camera (who stole my beenie that i wanted...) She said something about doing that for her career. I said that i was going to do that as well, and she asked what part, I said "tv production." she said "oh... thats what they call it in high school." I was just like.... well thanks for looking down on me. I'm glad when people misjudge you, because its going to be the ultimate haha someday in a few years when i have a job and she's not done with school yet.

I swear everyone in the FTM (Florida Tampa Mission) wants my sister. This kid, elder masias, sent her a letter & a picture. What the junk.

Today we're having a zone barbeque at our apartment. Our apartments are some of the nicest in the mission, so we have a barbeque outside and the sort. I'm psyched for some ribs. Yesterday, this family gave us a whole plethura of ribs for cooking! I was really happy, and super thankful.

I taught the best discussion on my mission a few days ago. This lady lives in a less good neighborhood, so she seems more humble. She has 2 kids, and a boyfriend of 8 years, and she's looking for the truth. She WANTS to know about the things we're sharing. It really seems like she could continue to progress as long as she doesn't get anti-ed... which i have a feeling will happen.

holy cow, its 10:41 and i haven't even written an e-mail yet. I'll write yall now, and write me!! =) its hard to progress, but i'm doing it, and its pretty fun and worthwhile and the sort. Peace!


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