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Monday, January 26, 2004

Tracting in the hood

w00t. hey hey, its another week of BLOG-O-RIFIC MISSION BLOG!!!

just pretend someone with a really cheezy voice said that.

So this week was a downer as well, but you know, its going to get better. We couldn't work that much since "elder elder woods yall" was way tired from fighting off infections no doubt, but anyways he's almost done with his anti-biotic pills so we might actually get to work at FULL STRENGTH THIS WEEK!! We're going to sarasota tomarrow, where elder woods's [its correct grammar, look it up] doctor is at. Another day wasted from driving down the over priced Polk Parkway [toll road].

We're so close to orlando its not even funny, and i'm not laughing. Every once in a while someone talks about how sweet it is to go to orlando to the temple, and it makes me trunky for the temple.

Oh yeah, on another lackluster note, my depression kicked back in full swing... so i was kind of bummed. It seems like depression feeds on the times when i'm not doing as much work as i want to. Its a really annoying way to go through life, but hey, i can handle it. 1 Nephi 3:7

Its so good to hear from people back home. Its not that it distracts me, because it does a little, but its just a comfort to hear everything is going so well. Even if everything isn't going well, its way entertaining to hear from everyone. Usually, if you're the bombest, i'll write back pretty soon, but understand that i'm super busy with the work & what not, so yeah, letters arent usually the first thing on my mind.

Yesterday i had a great experience in a less good neighborhood. Its funny, because with my badge, white shirt & tie i feel like i can go anywhere at anytime and i'll be fine. I'm serving god, and i doubt anyone wants to mess with that =). We went and just talked with this guy in the hood, and he was tinting a window (he does a real good job) and we just talked, and his friend decided to tell me a whole bunch of funny stuff that happened to him, which was way funny, but yeah.

One of the investigators that was real interested is moving, so i hope that wherever they move that they have a good time.

Anyways, thanks for playing, peace out.


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