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Monday, January 05, 2004

This week has gone great. On the whole, i'd say that through my nerves, i've come out victorious. Transfers were awesome.

Elder Woods is the bomb.com. He's from washington, north of seattle (arlington) and he's really really cool. We work on the same wavelength which is bad/good. Its good because we get along really super well, but its bad because we get along super well. You grow when you're challenged, and not that i'm asking for challenges (because believe me, being on a mission is a challenge enough) but i'm looking forward to this transfer. (transfers are the periods of 6 weeks between transfer days)

My district is still super awesome. Elder Rice (replaced elder gilbert as the district leader) is a way amazing guy. He's from Idaho City, Idaho, so you might know where that is. Its in the moutains above boise he says, so maybe you know where that is. He's going home after this transfer, and he's super strong and has such a testimony. He just barley got done being a zone leader in Fort Meyers, so he's a pretty good missionary. (missionary orginzation goes like this 2 in a companionship -> 3 companionships in a district -> 2 districts in a zone -> 2 zones per stake, 10 zones in our mission.

Elder Masias is coming over from bradenton, and he is elder washburn's companion. I don't really know anything about him, so yeah. He's from Salt Lake.


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