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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cool night, dumb roomates.

I think my sister and I are blessed with dumb roomates. Her new roomates are really crazy. Crazy like not good crazy. My roomate is annoying roomate. He friggin takes my chapstick before i've used it and molests it with his lips. Gross.

Anywho, last nights party was awesome. It was 'invite only' which means we spent 45 minutes in the cold waiting, untill security went and rushed us in the back entrance. We saw tyreese, John Singleton (who by the way, can't dance at all), anthony anderson, and I think i saw ludacris there (uncorroberated, it was across the room, and i think he would have gotten on stage if he was really there.) At any rate, we saw Rob Schnieder outside, and that was cool, so yeah. There was sundance.

Its pretty cool to --#1-- get in an invite only party and #2-- be only 20 and get in. Free drinks all around, but i didn't drink, but yeah.

And for those who think invite only parties are for beautiful people only, you're completley wrong. NO SINGLE HOT GIRLS in there at all, and the ones that were there had boyfriends or looked slutty. At any rate, ugly people can party down. They had not only dancing to hip-hop, they even had everquest 2 stations set up, along with a ps2 wall, and some good ol' texas hold-em poker.

Earlier in the day, I worked at the UofU doing the scoreboard, so that was fairly neat. It was a fun game, and I did well, so that was cool. Then i rode trax to the library to wait for the driving situation to clear up, so that was kind of fun. I don't get how they make money off of trax, because no one has to buy tickets. I have a ed-pass, so its not like i was in trouble anyway, but yeah.

The library was fun, I read an interesting book, that i posted about yesterday (i just remembered, so this is kind of a pointless recap) but yeah.

I got my check in the mail yesterday for 35 bucks.

Life is good.

UPDATE: I confirmed that I saw Wilmer Valdaramma (from that 70s show). I thought I saw him, but then I found out from other friends that he was out our party.

Go team.


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