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Saturday, January 22, 2005

today is good.

Today is a good day. I think its a reward for doing well spiritually, or something. My life is getting really cool, and thats really cool. I'm really really excited to move out of the 'doldrums' of life and move into a better phase.

I'm really going to graduate in summer. I know i've written about it before, but its just so important to me, and i'm so excited for it. That makes 3 semesters total that i've had to pay for school, but i'm ok with that. 3 out of 8 is better than 50% (38% of semesters paid).

I had a stats guy that was really on the ball today, so that was cool. The game went well, and solidified in my mind that andrew bogut is going to be someone in the NBA. He had 18 points when UNM had 18. He alone was beating UNM in rebounds, and in points (he ended the game beating them in rebounds still.)

Tonight i'm going to Sundance, to a celebrity party. I'm pretty friggin psyched about it, and i'm really hoping that i'll see someone cool. I could have worked it, but I really didn't want to, since I just barley worked. Its kind of like taking a vacation for a few hours, and the party i'm going to should be of the hizzle. I wonder if they'll get mad because i'm wearing a dress up shirt, dress up pants, and then friggin chuck taylors? I forgot my shoes, so yeah, needless to say thats what i'm wearing.

I'm pretty stoked overall on today. Go today. I'm going to go ride trax back to my car parked at the U and go visit some more sites in slc. I'm at the library right now, its pretty rad. I love having free bus and trax passes.

BTW: What the freak is Shkeva Bijeljina? It was on the back of a car. I haven't googled it yet, but i'm leaving the library now, so thats not really an option.

Book from the library: Matthew R Kerbel's "If it bleeds, it leads." (shut up grammar nazis about the capitalization) Its a great sarcastic look at the world of TV news. I read 20 pages, and thought it was pretty interesting.



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