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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

we've all been duped.

So... today i found out that this TV ratings thing I did was market research.

That was it.

They bought some crappy TV shows that no one knows about, and have been showing them for (at least) 6 years.


so, that leads me to believe, that yes, it is just market research, as I had suspected.

They still owe me two bags fulla crap, so i'm going to call them and demand it.

---- post calll ----

So they said that basically "the person that used to give that crap out got fired." in so many words, so they're trying to catch everyone up. The lady said she would go look up my name on the computer, and call me back tomarrow with an ETA of.... tihs is where it gets cool... CHECKS! She said that instead of giving me crap, they're going to give me money. How cool is that? Instead of 2 shavers, and 2 of everything else, i'm going to get 2 checks. Sweet! I told the lady that i had won twice, and she was like "well, good thing we gave you checks so you can go gamble now with that kind of luck!" Funny stuff.


I estimate that the vaule is around $200 each, so thats $400 bones. Hmm... a new mac mini is 479... but i'm in debt 800...

decisions decisions.

By the way, thanks to readers like you, I've eclipsed the point on google adsense where I get paid. So thats some more money coming in, and i've still got a check from that weber state game i worked coming in, so thats bam.

I might actually be doing something right. I really think i'm getting hooked up something fierce, and I'm not quite sure why.


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