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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back Home.

Word, i'm back from NAB! It was so awesome.

Vegas was really great. I saw FIVE new video applicatoins from apple, and I got to test drive Tiger, as well as motion2, and dvd studio pro 4. I learned how to author dvds with a script, and thats pretty cool. Now I can make those audio selections menus.

Final Cut Pro 5 had some really interesting features. I REALLY liked multi-cam editing. Basically, taking a whole bunch of shots that you've recorded, and being able to switch between them on the fly. That is a really really cool feature.

Saw some really interesting switchers, saw my new editing system that i'm going to be working on from AVID, and its really all good.

I'm really (REALLY) upset with weber state news. I got messages today that sounded like "WE HATE YOU" today. Actually, that was verbatim. Apparently, since I wasn't there, and had a preplanned absence, i'm an annoying face. They didnt know how to do something, and since I didn't answer my phone, i'm a bad guy. I was sleeping, but hey, whatever. I'm pretty unhappy with them, but i'll get over it. Its really stupid. The thing is, if they were mad at me like any broadcast environment, during the newscast, that would be cool, but they were pissed at me for so long, and still might be pissed at me. STUPID. Two more shows left.


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