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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Terri Schiavo, the pope, and myself

So i had heard that terri schiavo had been in this persistant state for 15 years, and I wanted to know what started it all, and I checked out her wiki.

In case you want to read the original wiki article yourself, you can.

Basically, I dont see any reason at all now why she should have lived.

She became brain dead from a cardiac arrest... and she hasn't improved in 15 years.

While i've been going through my health struggles latley, I had to get a heart scan, etc. While i was getting my heart echo test, (ultrasound) the tech informed me that his sister had a stroke 10 ish years ago, and 30% of her brain was left. She had <5% chance of surviving, and less than that of recovering. She did recover. It was possible.

Terri, however, hadn't made significant progress. Now, if its due to rehab then sue for that, but honestly if I was in the same situation, i'd have wanted to die in the early to mid ninties.

Just my $.02 that no one cares about.

RIP pope too. I mean people make pope jokes, and regardless of your religious affiliation, you can realize that he's a way better pope than ones of the earlier catholic church (RE: 1400-1800?)

life sucks, then you die. Oh well. I've got a while.

(PS) I just decided after reading the full wiki, that I hate the conservative media just as much as the liberal media. I used to be one of those people who could stand both, but now i can not stand sean hannity. I listened to him driving to and from work every once in a while, and during the schiavo situation, he implied that micheal did something, without ever mentioning bullemia, or how everything happened.



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