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Sunday, March 13, 2005

reno trip

The trip to reno.... ahhh... in case you havent heard, i've been working for espn for a while (since october) and they flew me out to the wac championship! How rad is that? I thought it was pretty cool.

I left on saturday morning, and props to vicki/kent for helping me out so much this week (with that crazy talk and all). Got on the plane, blah blah blah, and landed, tried to get my rental car (i'm 20) to no avail. The people that flew in with me (the others on the espn crew) gave me a ride. That was cool.

We stayed at the peppermill, which happens to be the cheeziest casino of all time. Totally cliche of old times. Too many neons, mirrors, etc. The rooms were nice though, so that was cool.

Friday afternoon, took a cab to the game for setup, and it was friggin $13 dollars! Pretty jacked up huh? Stupid cabs. Set up for 3 hours, with some worry about my bug's status (the bug is the scoreboard in the corner, and i run it.), it crashed like an hour before tip, so that was pretty nerve wracking. Got up and running, and nailed the game. I made maybe 2 mistakes, but they were insignificant (a 2 i heard/thought was a 3 and I missed a free throw, but then added it after they missed the 2nd). They said I did well. The show went ok, kind of some miss communication, but thats what happens.

All in all it was fun, not any extra-curricular fun, but just fun.


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