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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Comparing Apples and Linuxes: A look at "nerd" speech codes.

Not that anyone cares, but i'm writing my senior thesis this semester. You might be asking yourself, self? Yes self? Why isn't Randall doing a project, or a major report for a senior project? I'd answer, why of course the information he's learned over the past two years is pointless. He needs to end his collegate career with more busy work! OOOOHHH..... make sense now.

Actually, if there were a communication theroy class, and it was taught by sheree, i'd appreciate it. Unfortunatly, I get a heaping spoonful of theroy with no backing. And my senior project is another study. Yay. Just what I always wanted.

That means, yes folks, i'm studing nerds.

The current title is:
Comparing Apples and Linuxes: A look at "nerd" speech codes.

Can you tell its a play on words about apples and oranges?

I'm going to talk about nerd culture, different subsets, and give them titles. I'm excited, since its my freaking paper and I get to do whatever I want instead of a group. Pinning down the different levels of nerds should be interesting.

Go team. I'm done updating for a few days again.

PS I got screwed out of flying to reno on friday. My brother rocks for trying to get me a game in reno though. Would have been fun. I'm still flying in march though. Twice. Go ESPN.


Blogger testmonkey said...

Well, dude, if you want to use me/interview me for the project, I'm totally open to it since I'm a total Apple freak. You know how to reach me...

10:23 AM


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