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Saturday, January 29, 2005

brain damage.

Yesterday was a fun day, I drove to provo, drove home today, etc. It was really fun because it was real chill, and i just had fun in a new city.

Provo sucks still though. I don't like the feeling of groupthink that is in provo. I don't know if its legit, but thats what i feel like when i'm there.

This morning, I checked my phone, and I had a voicemail. Checked it, and it was Jim from ESPN. He's going to get me 2 tournaments, and i'm going to fly there. I'm pretty stoked about that. I think he likes me, so thats cool.

Anywho, i'm super frustrated with a roomate, but mainly because he doesn't think of anyone but himself. He whines a lot too. Really annoying. No one here needs to hear you whine.

My cool roomate is in aspen at the x-games, and i'm glad i didn't go, because i would be really tired right now, and cold.

yeah, anywho, yeah.


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