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Thursday, February 17, 2005

CNN.com - White House reporter's credentials questioned - Feb 9, 2005

CNN.com - White House reporter's credentials questioned - Feb 9, 2005

So typically, this isn't news.

Thanks to some blogger, who found some racy photos and a website for "jeff gannon" slash "James Gukert" the whole blogosphere is celebrating another milestone in the march against "the man."

Basically, some really easy google searching, and some pissed off democrats led them to find out that a gay hooker was lobbing softball questions at the president.

Questions like "Do you think its hard to get anything done thanks to the liberal morons in the senate?" (not verbaitm) Basically a gay hooker had access to the west wing, and press briefings. Great.

How funny? Moderate. I'd have to call TBS on this one. Blog impact? Large.

Basically as a reporter trying to make it in the old media school, and seeing people in the old media school basically poop their pants, I'm kind of laughing. Right now, save the Dan Rathergate scandal, the blogosphere is basically assasinating the charecter of morons. The CBS story could have used a little more fact checking, as in someone could have typed the memo in MS word, but it was major. This "scandal" is basically about as profound as a supermarket tabloid. I don't care.

They made the News director at CNN step down, because he said something about the military taking aim at reporters. Great. I don't care. It was 'off the record' and its from a blogger. Who knows if its really true? No one. He's gone at any rate.

I think i'm going to have a fun time being a corporate whore journalist, and I also think that i'll have more of a legit impact than my blogging bretheren. Does that mean this blog will stay free of my reporting? no. Does that mean i'll post scoops here? Fat chance. I'm going to make some cheddar with my knowledge.


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