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Friday, February 25, 2005

DSC's new mascot


Wow, a visit to my alma mater and i'm already laughing. I especially like the requirements for picking a new mascot:

The Mascot will:

Be active, entertaining and promote a positive image.
”Make sense” to the college in as many ways as possible (institutionally, historically, culturally, economically, geographically).
Allow either a male or female inside of the costume to feel comfortable both physically and psychologically.
Not be human.
Not be related to the confederacy.

Alas, rebels no more. I was thinking of demeaning rednecks like people demean indians, in the vein of cleveland. Have a guy with a #3 hat, with one of those beer drinking extensions on the hat, and have it say "my other truck is a deere." on his shirt, and have him drive around in a 1967 mustang, rust colored, with no engine because its still "waiting to be finished." If anyone asked, he'd have to reply "its hanging in my front yard, in my tree. In 2 more paychecks, if i stop the crystal meth, i'll drop it in my car." That would be a great rebel mascot.

OH CRAP. Its human.


(update, since further investigating the page, it doesn't even have a spot for 'name.' I guess they dont need to give people credit where credit is due, so don't steal my idea.)


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