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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Graduation and the Work Force.

the 80-20 rule of job satisfaction.

Wow. Insightful and interesting. Poynter.org is my favorite journalistic resource.

About reporting, there are 5 jobs i'm looking at right now. One in Kennewick, WA, Butte, MT, Gainesville, FL, Sherman, TX, and one in Binghamton, NY. If you've heard/lived in any of these places, leave some comments for me.

All of them are one-man-band shows. I'll be the shooter, editor, and reporter. I dont mind though, its what i've been doing for the past two years anyway, but harder. If I can survive 'graduate school' (the period of time from small market to a good market) then i'll be happy. All these stations have contracts for two years, just like a mormon mission, so thats pretty cool.

I really really want to leave utah, but not leave. I like doing the ESPN thing, but unfortunatly, I doubt any of these towns have stops on ESPN's radar.

Regardless, i'll have fun either way.


Blogger bossdj said...

Less Than Jake are from Gainesville, FLorida...that's all I know.

3:03 PM


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