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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i hate eeg.

Its about 3:30, and I just woke up.

3:30 pm.

I had to do an EEG test this morning at 8AM. The caveat? Less than 4 hours of sleep. If you know me, and I think you do, I really really like to get 8 hours straight. Otherwise, i'm super groggy and confused.

Today i'm supr groggy and confused, and I still have to go to work to finish stupid whats happening (my segment). I guess I could just go in tomarrow and finish it, but I dont know if i want to... so 'im going to decide by 3:45 after consulting some folks.

I went to bed at 9am.
thats 6 hours of sleep. I could normally do that, but i'm so tired i'm stoned basically. I'm going to call and see if I cant just go in tomarrow at 7:30 (i'm sure i'll be able to wake up early) and then i'd have 4 hours to write the script. I think I can do it. Its only like 20 sentances at the most.

My chest hurts when I breathe.

SO wanna hear some funny info about an eeg? If you've had a seizure (like I have) then the first thing they think of when you're not healthy is seizure related electrical activity in your brain.

Today, they tried to induce a seizure.

I figured it out when they're like "breathe funny." I had a hard time not laughing. Then I asked "this is to try to induce a seizure isn't it?"


I had an even harder time not laughing. Its like 8:15, and I haven't slept in 24 hours officially. It was fun times. They shoved all these electrodes to my skull and rocked them.


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