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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nerologists, mistrust of medicine, jazz game, irony, and hot girl.

I started off the day with a trip to the neurologist, who let me know ($25 dollars later) that there wasn't anything wrong with me. So it was a waste of time. I regret it. From there I went to work, then to my other work.

So today, i worked a jazz game. I was the bug operator (scoreboard operator). Problems with the bug were rampant, and might or might not have been my fault, but i fixed it in time for gametime. Gametime started, and i pulled up my chair, watched the game, and made sure it didn't break.

The fun part? I watched the game with this girl from SLC who was pretty hot. She and I had interesting conversation throughout the game, so that was pretty cool. She was a PA, so she just sat around too.

The end? I got her number. Cool.

Funny parts about the game? How i got the job. My brother and I decided that they weren't going to call me ever, unless we took the matters in to our own hands. My brother decided to hold off canceling the gig (he had something planned) until the last second and say that his brother could replace him. We'll see if it worked. His original excuse was that his kid cut his head open and had to go to the er.

His kid did end up going to the er.

Weird huh? It wasn't for a cut, but for a swollen hand and foot. Very weird.

His kid stood up like a champ. They had to do blood work, and he didn't even flinch. What a pimp.

Pray for brandon.


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