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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hospital Treatment

Why is it that my family always gets treated like crap when we go to the hospital? I get ignored for 3 hours, just to tell me that i'm probably not dying, and go pay money to random other people...

My father, whos heart rate dipped kind of low a few days ago, has been in the hospital for TWO DAYS waiting for a cardiologist. Those kinds of things are what piss me off about the medical community. My dad isn't dying now, so we should just ignore him. NEVERMIND the fact that he'll have to pay extra because he was in the hospital for two extra days, and now they don't want him to leave because he hasn't seen the cardiologist yet.

Thats bull S*** (its shut your mouth words). Honestly, if someone can give me a legit reason why ANYONE should wait for two days to be seen, or if anyone can give me a reason why I was supposed to go to seven different doctors, with NO resolution... at all... (I still haven't heard back from a cat scan, so I assume i'm ok) then i'd give them money. There is no reason. At some point you have to either a) find another doctor who isn't helping emergency patients, or b) make time for my freaking patient!


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