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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lost Numbness

I've got no more sense of numbness about katrina.

I've been trying to stay jaded, and not feel for these people... but it just all went away. I really really hate the way people act in the worst times. I've been to the ghetto (Auburndale Florida, Avenue G...) and I know how much it sucks for these people, but I'm really really pissed that people would try to take advantage of a terrible situation.

More news... later.

Go to ksl.com for utah's connection.

blech. i hate this.


Anonymous Ashlie Jooooooo said...

Hi Randall,
Good to see you at the WSU game! 61-0, baby!
This is somewhat related to your post... okay not really-- only to where you reference KSL... but KSL-FM, on 102.7??? Whenever you get a chance to stop by the radio side of that building, find out what are they thinking over there????? Were they just trying to get up to speed with 97.5? I'm so sorry for the ENTIRE Star102.7 staff...... Anyway..... good to hear that you're good. Oh boy, my comment has turned out longer than your post; I'll shut up now.

3:49 PM


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