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Monday, February 23, 2004

Finally i get to eat!

ok yall, its monday again.... and i'm getting super scared. I know i say this every week, but mondays are coming way too quickly. So far.... its 12:30 and i haven't written anyone a letter, any blog entry, or read anyone's emails, so i need to get my butt in gear. This week i got some really awesome mail from my family, ward, and friends. Unfortunatly, i haven't written anyone back. Sorry about that so far. I'm planning on writing today, tonight, or asap. We've been really really busy trying to figure out this area and the sort, so its kind of taking up all of my time.

The "meal sacrifice" worked so well that they said "job well done" and ended it. We got 57 baptisms in the mission! thats the first time in over 2 years. Its really awesome how well things are going. We had a full week of dinners last week, and got to know the members better in this ward. Exchanges still arent set up right... but without media refferals or a teaching pool, i'm kind of glad.

DUUUDE.... i love my family so much. I love getting letters/e-mails. I just got a ton, and even ones that are like "no time, but miss ya!" are the best. Go my family.

Oh yeah, and GO MY WARD! I got an awesome valentines package from my ward, and i'm fixin' (dirty south talking) to write them back pretty soon. Its all this lack of time, its killing me. No time for anything.

I'll write more later, but yeah. Peace.


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