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Monday, March 01, 2004

Tony, he's the man

wow, i really need to define some way of checking my e-mail. Its getting lengthy now. Its like 1:30, and i'm just starting to write.. i'll tell you more about that later.

SOOOOO...... how is everyone? I am suuuper dooooper!!!! SOOOOOPER DOOOOOOPER!!

Heavenly Father loves you, and not only because you're reading this.

So.... we've had the best week of my mission.... i know i keep saying that but its true. This week was sw33t to the extreme. Lets see, last week we were tracting a whole bunch without any success. It was raining really hard one day, and I was pretty bummed about my mission. I was adding up the stats in my head and it sounded like this to me:
"been on a mission 4 months
tracted a billion hours
talked with a billion media refferals
and no one wants to hear what we have to say."
so then after a few more doors were slammed, and a few more ministers tried to save us, i finally was like:
"HF..... I am so low right now, i need some success. I would like the next person's door that i knock on to be baptized."
as i walked up to the door.... nothing. Dead nothing. I was super dejected... but ready to keep tracting. We began to walk away from the door when this guy comes out in a towel with all these tattoos and yells "Hey, COME ON IN! I've got some questions for you." In my mind I thought "great... another minister." Boy was I wrong.
Turns out "tony" was a great guy. He had just gotten home from Iraq, so he was battle torn... and it seems like he was super humble from the get go... so he went on in. We found out that his wife had cheated on him.... with a minister... while he was serving his country. I was like.... DOH. He was kind of turned off on religion. So we explained the first vision, gave him a "ghetto drawing" of the plan of salvation, and set up another appointment. Tony is going to get baptized. Right now, the only problem is he's moving to kentucky. On thursday. BUT HEY, i showed heavenly father that i can do what he asks, and i had the success i've been craving. He wants us over all the time. We're going back over tomarrow (for the 4th visit) and he's going to find the peace of mind he's looking for.


D&C says somewhere imagine the joy of bringing souls to christ... and then if you bring more souls how much greater will your joy be.

Oh yeah, and i got more e-mails. I can't post my e-mail on this site (because a spam harvester could get it) but if you're reading this I'm sure that you can no doubt find a source of info. (parents, friends, significant others...) E-mail me, i deserve it. =) JK!!

Shout outs go to: THE BEECHER FAMILY!!! WOOHOO!!! I know they're reading this so its easy, but they sent me the bomb valentines letter. GO THEM!!! hey, go say "you're the nicest family to missionaries." So thanks to them, and thanks to all the other people who send me letters. Its super nice and awesome of you. I promise that we're super busy, so when i don't write back im' sorry, but its just really really hard.

I can't post my pictures from this library, but maybe sometime i'll find some place i can.


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